Financial transaction management Business

Where deviations from a risk-free joint license equilibrium occur, joint certification information between exchanges is not available.
Profits from financial transactions should be eliminated immediately, but in reality, coin transactions are made on each exchange.

Changes in risk coin prices other than risk and the existence of transaction costs, capital movements and The increase in fiscal transactions continues to occur due to market liquidity constraints.
Meanwhile, the expansion of profits from fiscal transactions will result in an outflow of short-term funds for future financial transactions.

That could be a confounding factor in the price of coins, and also a factor in changing economic conditions.
A sudden outflow of short-term funds is likely to serve as a source of instability in the coin market.
One revenue model for exchange coin transactions is limited.

Recognize and coordinate new platforms other than financial transactions platform online offline casino business, franchise business, portal shopping mall operation, etc. to protect members' assets and interests, It is a platform company that operates businesses such as app BTC, ETH mining machinery development, and game business. We directly operate offline casino business in Manila, Macau, Cambodia and Cebu.

Gain liquidity through online casino business and ready platform operations Until now,
it has not been predicted due to external environmental factors rather than the internal environment.
Stabilize coin financing transactions and members' assets and earnings in the volatile situation of coin financing transactions.
The company will work with its members to develop the coin business in the future and create a better future for us.

Encrypted money, the future drivers of the fourth industry,
Is there any way to make a stable investment?
The answer is in LUCKY7!
Cryptocurrency Solution Developer “LUCKY7"

Why "LUCKY7?"

I can't leave my computer for a second
"You have to stay in front of your computer for 24 hours to make a profit."
But in LUCKY7,
By analyzing the data collected by Fantasus know--
The robot decides when to set up a stable sales point. It is possible to generate 24-hour profit.
A profit-and-loss deal is something only a capitalist can do.
There has to be a lot of capital on many exchanges.
This is because transactions can be made through optimum diffusion.
No, at the LUCKY7.
Robots can be used to generate stable profits.
Anywhere! Because it's a platform that uses a lot of interaction
around the world without national constraints,
Every time! We can trade without a 24-hour limit, There's no price limit,
no transaction amount limit!

Our platform business

( BTC, ETH )

Typical Corporate Financial Transactions

What is the general concept of coin banking transactions?
After buying ABC Coin at a fixed price on the A exchange, If ABC Coin exceeds
the purchase price, profit by selling
Exchange 01/01/202020 14:00
buy a two-dollar coin
Exchange 30/01/2020 18:10
Sold for three dollars a coin.
1 dollar profitability (uncertain)
This method has to wait until the price rises.
Uncertainty because it may fall.


Exchange A and B have different prices over the same period.
A transaction that is bought on a low-market exchange and
sold on a high-market exchange to make profits.

one-step progression

B Exchange 01/01/2020 14:00
Sold at A*Coin $3
A Exchange 01/1/202020 14:00
Buy A*Coin for $2
Get a dollar without waiting!
(Create stability gain)

Why do I have to put on a LUCKY7?

General transaction
Have to wait until the market rises.
with false information and uncertainty Losses can occur if the market falls.
The more unstable the market is, the greater the risk.
-A Exchange
Purchase Failure
-Until the price of coins goes up. have a wait.
LUCKY7 transaction
Of many exchanges in the world, without state restrictions.
Compare two or more exchanges and then trade
We can proceed with the purchase at the same time.
You don't have to wait and you can make steady profits.
The more unstable the market, the more profitable it is.
-A Selling
B exchange
C exchange
capital Gains!
“LUCKY7” is a leader in global expansion based on the new
IN APP platform.
Thank you!